ik zat zojuist in mijn eentje achter de laptop te applaudiseren voor deze film…een meesterwerk dat hart en hoofd bij elkaar brengt; een hymne aan het leven en bewustzijn. Oneindig prikkelend of anders wel visueel betoverend elk van de 88 minuten.

Chris Gallagher’s feature-length film essay Time Being is an elegant and thought-provoking investigation of the nature and experience of time, and its filmic representation. 88 one-minute shots or shot-sequences counterpoint a spoken commentary that probes and questions the subject from many different angles – psychological, philosophical, mechanical, cosmological, artistic. Equally, Gallagher combines aspects of different cinemas – documentary, structural, poetic, narrative, and personal – skillfully interweaving all the elements into a complex yet coherent and surprisingly moving statement on the human condition. The most brilliant film on its subject I’ve ever seen, Time Being is cool and non-academic yet deeply engaged, and beautifully shot. An educational film in the best sense.

bekijk hem hier: https://vimeo.com/30698237