Hi Frank,
Adam Wells here. You recently did a like on my first short film ‘ Brave New Old ’ . I truly hope you enjoyed it – these things really are a labour of love and watching people enjoy them is incredibly gratifying to me, as I work purely in my own time.
I am very grateful for your vimeo like, these really help spread the word through the network – But Id like to build a wider audience so I can hopefully build more work. So I am appealing to you to help me spread the message a little. Through your blogs or any other channels you can think off (send me a messege if you have any great ideas)
My facebook page can be found here; – by likeing the page, and the content I put out through it, I hope my work can spread a little. This is not going to be a dead page, I am going to post new work up here as often as I can (starting with a 2 minute side project on brave new old in a week or so). As well as a few details on my Big project thats entering festivals.
Oh and just tell people about it in the real world.
I find the vimeo community really great and very responsive, so hopefully this message wont annoy you too much, even if it does not interest you.
All the best.

Hi Adam,

I just put your most intriguing film on my blog:

I was just wondering what were you thinking when you made the intro…the toiletscene with spanking robots and a celloplayer coming out of a closet? it’s hilarious…a great salute for that, thank you!

all the best to you too, Adam
and thank you for sharing your work!