Vorig jaar heb ik over een cursus geschreven…a brief history of humankind:
een fantastische cursus die mijn kijk op de wereld heeft veranderd.
Vanaf 10 augustus wordt ie herhaald: sla je slag!

een interview:
I find much of what you wrote in the book disturbing.
What, for example?

This: “The human race is no more than a herd of sheep that ended up with tanks and atomic bombs because of an evolutionary accident.”
Fundamentally, mankind was unimportant in the ecological system. Then, in one fell swoop, an evolutionary blink of an eye, the human race is transformed from something unimportant to the most important thing in the world.

It’s usually assumed that we were superior to other species.
Not necessarily. For example, everyone is so enthusiastic about the fact that man created tools. But that does not make man an especially important animal. As beavers build dams and bees build hives, human beings have spears. Or take the high intelligence of human beings, the ability to make plans, to transmit information − that was also there before, but that, together with the tools, was not enough to make man special. If you want to single out what it was that really catapulted us from the margins to center stage, it is the ability to communicate and transmit messages in very large numbers.

Through language.
Through language. What chimpanzees or Neanderthals can do in groups of 50, we can do in groups of 50 or 500 million.

So that’s how we triumphed in the reality of life.
Yes. A reality program does actually illustrate it well. The key to victory lies more in manipulation and cooperation than in exceptional personal skills. Lees verder